Roof Washing to Remove Debris and Clean Surfaces

Regular roof washing can aid in extending the lifespan of shingles and tiles. Algae, grime, moss, soot and grit build up over time and cause the roof to discolour. Additionally, you may find that some tiles and shingles start coming apart. In the tropical climate we enjoy across New Zealand, sand and dirt can also find their way into the nooks and crannies of the roof, ultimately causing severe damage. However, Waterboy Washing is a roof-washing contractor you can call on when your roof is deteriorating.

Why Trust Us for Your Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

If you’ve never heard about soft wash roof cleaning, it simply refers to the eco-friendly and safe process of roof washing. We use a unique soap solution, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals in detergents. When hiring our team to handle your roof washing, you can expect professional, high-quality service.

  • Some roofs require soft washing instead of high-pressure cleaning. We start the process by applying the necessary detergents to the roof’s surface. After a while, these cleansers will seep into all parts of the roof between the tiles, shingles and flashings. The cleaning solution will loosen the dirt that’s been sitting on your roof, making it easier to wash away even though these mild detergents can dissolve the strongest grime and dirt.

  • When we’re happy with the detergents’ work, we will start to wash off the dirt using a low-pressure system. The pressure from this system is a little higher than that of a regular garden hose with a spray nozzle. This option is best for older roofs as the pressure won’t cause damage to any of the roof’s materials. We can look at your roof to determine if this strategy suits you.

  • The skills and knowledge we possess ensure that we can reach dirt and debris that find their way into the cracks and crevices. Sometimes, if you have a dark-coloured roof, it can be difficult for you to see. However, we have the necessary experience to determine what areas of the roof require our professional touch. Additionally, we understand how to work our way around chimneys, vents and flashings to avoid causing damage to them.

Affordable Service to You

Trust a reputable contractor for your roof washing. We’ll provide you with a free quotation so you can completely understand every cost of the job. Furthermore, as a company with the community at its heart, we offer pensioners a discount on our services.

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